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Being a London escort, I didn't seem to attract any particular age group. However, I did attract clients that were looking for blonde escorts.

Having lengthy, straight blonde hair would often paint the impression to many that I had a lack of intelligence, this was far from the truth. I used my blonde hair as a weapon to allure men, especially when I started to work for Blonde Escorts in London.

I found an advertisement looking for blonde escorts in London, I fitted the description of what they were looking for perfectly so decided I would find out if they would be interested in taking me on as the newest recruit to Blonde escorts.

After 2 interviews they agreed that I was perfect to join Blonde Escorts in London and I became a fully fledged blonde escort.

I have found young businessmen have been the best clients for Blonde escorts, one of my most memorable clients being as young as eighteen. I guess it is every young man's fantasy to find themselves in the company of a sexy young blonde, especially when there would be no complications or strings attached, Blonde London Escorts could make their dreams come true.

I remember him like it was yesterday, I guess because he told me almost immediately after meeting him that he was a vicar's son!

He wanted to ensure his meeting with me was entirely confidential and there was no chance that Blonde escorts in London would contact him outside of this one meeting, I assured him our meeting was completely confidential and he appeared to take my word for it. I am sure the church would not strictly approve of a vicar's son visiting blonde escorts of London, but it excited me!

Nervous and scared, he had picked me from the portfolio of blonde escorts because he felt I looked friendly, that generally was the main reason I was picked, and of course because of my shiny, golden hair that allured so many men. Mind you, all the blonde escorts at blonde escorts in London felt they were picked for their beautiful hair.

Anyway, I walked in to the room and found him wrapped in his towel face down on the bed. I took off my robe and sat next to him. Starting his massage, we chatted as I rubbed him down. He had a nice compact body - tight muscles in need of relaxing. As I kneaded my fingers into the knots in his back, I was thinking, this is why I became a London Escort!

I was desperate to flip him over and whip off the towel that was snugly wrapped around his hips.

I stood up and took off my underwear as he turned over, lying there, staring up at me.... Being a London escort can be very empowering at times. I reached out and began to pull at his towel. He did nothing to stop me, his hand coming up to stroke my side as I wrestled the towel from him, freeing his erection. I knelt on the bed as he sat up to stroke my breasts, his hand shaking. I began to wonder if he was a virgin - losing it to a blonde escort would certainly be an interesting story to tell, but losing it to a blonde escort when you are a vicar's son is an even better story to tell if only it could actually be told!

I decided to take it slower than normal. I lay down and let him stroke me until he stopped shaking, all the while getting more an more excited. I eased up and took long slow sucks on his warm growing cock. Lying there he watched my progress, moaning until I pulled away and then he was on me. He was whispering in my ear but the only words I could make out were blonde escort, I didn't care what he was saying to be honest, I was so horny!

Lifting my hips beneath him, I received him in shuddering spurts. He lasted longer than I expected before he came and when he eventually did, he fell into a sweaty heap in my arms.

I stroked him until he had calmed down, rolled him over and cleaned him off with my tongue. i loved doing that cos I enjoyed the taste of my own juices. I took my last lick around the tip of his now half limp cock and he groaned, "I love you Blonde escort". I giggled and took as a compliment rather than quite literally. Experiences like that always remind me why I work for Blonde escorts in London and why I love being an escort!

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