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We always want more of everything don't we? More money, more power, more love, more fun, more of everything. If you go to a cafe and you can get a large serving of food for the same price as the small serving you'd definitely go for the larger serving wouldn't you? A classic example, when I go to all you can eat buffet, I always end up eating too much because for the same price of course I'll try to stuff as much food down as I can. Now, you might think: that's not entirely true, sometimes 'less is more'. Well I think that's just an arty farty statement that some people are trying to plant in our head when they want to boast about 'minimalist' design. I am the type of man who wants everything straight forward i.e. more is more. And in most cases, more is better.

London duo escorts is another perfect example for me. There is a huge range of beautiful escorts that you can choose from. Not one, not two, but many, and many more being updated daily. Obviously for me, the more options the better. Although I must admit, some people get confused when there are too many choices. It happened to me once, and that's how I discovered the joy of having duo escorts. Yup, that's right, I couldn't decide which girl to go for. The beautiful blonde Cindy that had stunning big blue eyes and an amazing busty body, or Danielle the petite brunette that had sexy pout and an innocent girl next door face. So I decided that was the time to apply my theory into practice, more the merrier, so I booked both of them! It was one of the best experiences I had ever had. For those of you who are a little worried about your 'capability' to handle two beautiful escorts, stop worrying. Let me tell you, I am not superman either. My part of the game quickly finished after the first half an hour, but the best part about London duo escorts was that I got to watch. And it was so good because I could watch close up and join whenever I pleased. So after another 20 minutes I got so turned on by the live show, I was recharged again and joined in! It was such a mind blowing experience and it completely proved my theory right again. I was even thinking to myself that next time I might hire more than duo escorts, I might go for three or four or more...

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