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Heathrow is one of the busiest ports for foreign travel in the country. Located about 15 miles from central London, it is known as the hub of aviation. Thousands of people fly from and to the airport every day. It is the origin that many families, couples, business people and Heathrow airport escorts start from before embarking on their foreign travels. There are an estimated 180,000 thousand passengers who use the airport as an outlet for arrivals and departures every day. It was recorded that a whopping 65.7 million passengers used Heathrow airport in 2010. This is evidence enough to show why it is one of three most popular airports in the UK, with Gatwick and Manchester also competing for top place.

A gateway to the world, Heathrow helps people fulfil their dreams of seeing the sights and wonders of foreign terrain. The most popular destinations for travel with people using Heathrow are: New York (JFK), Dubai, Dublin, Amsterdam and Paris, with a sizable percentage of people, circa 40%, travelling within Europe. Heathrow escorts love to travel and they make fantastic travel companions, whether on short or long haul trips. With over 180 destinations to chose from in 90 countries, passengers have an abundance of choice. Heathrow provides frequent and direct connections to destinations using the ninety airlines that serve the airport. Millions of people rely on them to visit friends and family, go on holiday and aid people going on business trips. Passengers may even want to go on a mini-break on longer holiday to escape from the stresses and worries of every day life. It could be to get away from a stressful job, or maybe from a family issue that is just becoming too much. Jetting off abroad can be a great way to take yourself away from the epicentre of your problems. What better way to spend your down time than with a Heathrow airport escort? You can choose a girl who will enjoy the same interests as you. Sunning, drinking cocktails and partying in the evening? Then we can arrange for the right girl to be heading off on holiday with you.

Heathrow airport has great connections to other parts of London and the surrounding areas. The Heathrow Express is the fastest way to travel from London to the airport. A journey on average can take about 15 minutes. Whichever of the terminals you are flying from, you can use this express service. The Heathrow Express journeys from London Paddington to Heathrow Airport. There are many connections to the South and West of England from London Paddington; this makes travel a lot less of a headache. There are, of course, other options. Whether you want to travel by car or rail, there are lots of options to help ensure a smooth start to your travels. Train links via London Underground and National Rail can help you traverse from the outside of London to the airport. There are also options to use coaches that run from all around the country that can transport you from Southern or Northern England to Heathrow. However, if you would like to drive to the airport yourself, there are plenty of options to ensure your car is safe whilst abroad. There are companies who will collect your car from the drop off points and drive them to a secure car park. There are also huge lots of car parking space that are located close to the airport. You can drive to these places, park your car and board a shuttle bus that will take you to the correct airport terminal. With these and many more options, there is no reason why getting to the airport should be a laborious task.

Once you ve checked in and passed through security and passport control there is plenty to do in the airport lounges of your terminal. Whether you re killing time for a few minutes or you are waiting for news on your delayed flight, there are plenty of places to shop once you ve passed through to the departure lounge. Your Heathrow airport escort holiday companion can shop tax and duty free. You could even buy her some quality perfume so she smells sweet and fruity, just for you.

Airline food isn t always the tastiest you may want to eat before boarding. There are numerous restaurants at all 5 terminals of Heathrow that will cater for your tastes, morning, noon and night. Whether you want to grab a coffee and a pastry, or perhaps a full English breakfast before that early-hours flight or maybe you want to indulge in an evening meal, there is lots on offer.

You may be a businessman travelling the world, meeting with clients to discuss very important negotiations. It might be necessary for you to stay on a stop-over between trips. Nights do not have to be spent ordering room service and watching hotel room TV; at least not alone anyway. Escorts in Heathrow make the perfect accompaniment to a night stuck in a hotel room. What better way to spend some lonely hours in a hotel room than with a stunning lady? After you ve chosen one of the many gorgeous Heathrow escorts, she ll be with you within the hour. You could spend your time together over dinner, in a bar or perhaps just in each other s company from the comfort of your hotel suite.

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