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As men we want sex anytime and anywhere and it's normal. The average male thinks about sex every 6 seconds while he's awake. I work in an industry that requires odd working hours and lots of night shifts. So most of the time when I am up, my friends are all sleeping, so I get quite bored and lonely. I can't even go out to the bars or clubs to pick up girls because I am usually working during the night and on the weekend.

I recently discovered some sex toys for masturbation and they've worked wonders. They come in a shape of a can with an opening at the end for penetration. The opening is usually modelled to imitate a female body form as well for extra visual pleasure. Inside the can it has soft padding for realistic sensation. So far the can has worked wonders when it was just me and my hand at night, but sometimes when I needed a little more- i.e. companionship, someone to talk to, I turn to escorts 24 7 London. It's great for gentlemen who want to see more than just a can. Surely the masturbation toy can satisfy any men sexually, but it doesn't talk or laugh.

Escorts 24 7 London is something that I discovered one morning when I felt very lonely and I couldn't find anyone to talk to. The good about 24 7 escorts in London is that you can get the service anytime during the day. Well, the name speaks for itself. But it really is the best thing when I know I don't really need to plan ahead or organise a specific time or anything. I can just be as spontaneous as I want, it runs by my schedule, whenever and wherever I feel like it.

Escorts 24 7 in London offers a big range of different types of girls for companionship. Whether you like blonde, brunette, petite, tall or busty, there will always be one for you according to your moods. So I can pick anyone at anytime at my convenience. I find it so comforting to know that the girls are always there waiting for me. When I come home after work, it can be late, very early in the morning or in the mid of the day, it doesn't matter because I know these beautiful escorts will always be there for me not matter what.

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