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Raining In London
It was already Spring, and the frost had begun to make way for the blossoms and daffodils that filled the parks of London. Ella lounged on the grass in the timid sunshine, eager to soak up every last drop.

Rich Man With A Secret
To the outside world it looks as though I have it all. I have a beautiful wife, two delightful children, whom I adore and a huge mansion of a property in the Chelsea area of London. I have a high powered job in finance with a large pay packet to boot.

Lord Edward Marshall
9am and I awake to a glorious day. I love London in the summer, so warm and welcoming, full of hope and the punters are out in force. My name is Lord Edward Marshall but please my darlings you may call me Eddie.

Laura had been living in London for 6 months, and so far it hadn't been as exciting as she thought it would be. She didn't have many friends here as they all lived back in Leeds, and the people in her office were mostly old and boring.

Lucy Jane - An Intelligent Escort
The rain is lashing down and the London streets are deserted. It is the morning after Lucy Jane's first job working for a prestigious London Escort company. As she walks the streets alone after what can only be described as a luxurious sumptuous evening she now understands how addictive this job could be.

London - City Of Dreams
I was nineteen back then I had £100 in my pocket given to me by my Grandfather to help me make it in the world of Acting. I was so confident, so self assured, I had no doubt that I would make it and be treading the boards of the West End.

You must get up now miss you have an appointment she continues as she bustles around my king size bed picking up cups. I had forgotten I have to meet Harry this morning. We do this once a month so that we can synchronise calendars for the coming month.

The Mother's Story
I understood though she was enjoying herself and obviously she had a good job that was paying her well, we had seen the photos of her flat, very posh. It was ever so lovely to have her home though we had a lovely weekend planned of nice lunches and shopping. I couldn't wait to hear all about her new life.

Shy No More
is love for music was definitely behind the scenes he adored standing anonymously at gigs in a heaving crowd and losing himself in the music. But he certainly had no desires to be a rock star; the thought petrified him!

The Old Escort
My name is Julie and I have been a London Escort for 32 years now. I will be 55 tomorrow. I sound like I should be saying this in some sort of self help group, Escorts anonymous, or something equalling depressing.

Disregard what preconceptions you might have of the London Escort industry. It's not sleazy, and the escorts are far from cheap hookers. I was using an escort for the first time. I was on holiday with friends in London,

The Real Breakfast At Tiffany's
Growing up, I had always loved Audrey Hepburn. Seeing her films on TV since I was a little girl, I admired her beauty, grace and elegance. I envied all of the adventures she had and the men who fell in love with her.

Flame Red
Running my hand down a sleek, curved, lingerie clad leg, perfumed breath warming the back of my neck. With my other hand, I clasp a soft, warm body close to mine, her firm breasts pressing against my own.

Cara & Joe
Joe and I met at college in our home town of Bradford. I was studying childcare and Joe was studying to become a joiner. As soon as we met I just knew he was the one for me and fortunately he felt the same.

Friends For Life
We were all so excited to be beginning a new exciting life and we of course we would never have admitted it but we were all so young and extremely naive. We had all pitched up at the address in central London for our interview; we had little idea what it was all about, just a job that was advertised in the London job paper.

A Mature Escort
Was I too fat, too thin, terrified of the inevitable wrinkles appearing on my forehead it really was a bore and a waste of time. Now I am in my sixties I have it cracked; yes I have aged, but I look distinguished and mature, almost a Mrs Robinson character, even if I do say so myself.

Camilla & Max
It was about a year ago when Max and I were scoring the internet in the hope of finding a new exciting way to boost our love life when we came across a special website that were looking for an open minded couple to experiment with their intimate love life.

Two Woman Man
My High Class London Escort Cara was just divine with beautiful olive skin and long brown hair. Not dissimilar to my wife but younger, slimmer, fresher perhaps. She was not at all what I would expect from an Escort.

A Little Girl's Dream
There had been nasty rumours circulating around the community about my mum about her being a lady of the night. I at thirteen years old had no idea what that was so I decided to ask my mum.

World Of Escorts
It is 5 pm and my girls gather in the drawing room. I call this feeding time at the zoo. It is the time when my gentlemen clients visit our mansion and make a decision on which girl he would like to Escort for the evening.

Linda Miles
I did not want to be lonely so I decided that I would find a London Escort agency that offered men that I could pay to keep me company. I was shocked to find that London had so many male Escorts that all looked relatively normal; some of them were absolutely gorgeous.

The Man Who Wanted More
I always knew that London was famous for gorgeous girls but never as beautiful as the London Escorts I have been lucky enough to spend some time with.

Lizzie & Dan
It was during one of those internet searches that Lizzie came across an advert that was recruiting Couple Escorts. The advert said that they would pay big cash for young gorgeous couples in their 20's that were willing to be Escorts together. Lizzie had never heard anything like it.

Step Into The Escort World
We live in this flat with other girls from Estonia they are all very sweet some of them do not speak very good English so I try to help them as much as I can. We are all here to do a job and hopefully make lots of money.

Annie Bell
I became a London Escort exactly one year ago when my husband James left me for another woman. I will never forget the look on his face when he said he was leaving and never wanted to see us again. I was devastated.

Couple's Dream Date
After some time trawling the internet for a unique dating idea I came across an Escort website not just any Escort website but an Escort website specialising in Couple Escorts.

Vixens On The Prowl
When we're out, me and Harry normally reel in the vixens, but girls are always in pairs or big groups, so poor old Robert gets left out. On my recommendation, he's starting hiring escorts to keep him company.

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