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My Perfect Date
I sat nervously in my hotel room. It was 7.48pm; she would be here in 12 minutes. I'd already showered, put on my best cologne and styled my hair. I checked my breath one more time, and looked at my teeth in the mirror. Clean.

Canary Wharf Escort
I had just arrived in London to take up my new role as a financial consultant in the thriving Canary Wharf area, and was feeling somewhat isolated.

A Night On The Town
David loosened his tie as the train pulled into Kings Cross station. His company was sending him into London on yet another business trip. His last stay had consisted of lonely nights spent in restaurants and hotels after tedious days of meetings.

At The Ritz
Every time I'm getting ready to escort a gentleman on a night out in London, I get an amazing buzz of anticipation. I always make sure I have enough time to pamper myself so that I look and feel amazing.

The Best Escort In London
At a young age, Ella May began to understand the powers of her beauty. School was a nightmare as all of the other girls were jealous, but the boys would do anything she asked, and protect her from any viscious girls.

Bubble Bath
When I asked Candy if that was her real name she laughed and told me that London is no city for a girl named Candy. That was how I knew Candy was her real name.

I Love Miriam
Miriam and I have been friends for a long time. We share a flat in central London, in a neighbourhood that is just slightly out of my budget and these days Mariam could probably could afford a lot nicer, but she never complains.

Some people would say that with a name like Michael London and a burning ambition to climb to the top in my financial career it was destiny that brought me to this city.

After you have been locked up for a while, you forget to even want freedom. Some guy escorts you when you need to take a leak, another escorts you to a playing field to allow you your daily dose of sweat.

Roses For Rose
Step out at 7.33 on a cloudy London morning. Let it be a weekday, that way you will stand a chance of being just that one man with just that one woman in that most common of places.

I Am An Actress
I am an actress. You might recognize me walking around London or LA if you have a good memory for faces from B rated movies, or you may not. I am almost well connected enough to be fairly confident that I?ll get into the best club in London on a Thursday night,

Isadora grabbed a bottle of red nail polish from a shop selling cosmetics in Canary Wharf. It was called Boots. She felt a little confused. The shop called Boots was selling make-up, but English, weren?t boots shoes?

Jonh's Fantasy
Most nights, John, like almost every other guy who worked with him in the Canary Wharf based hedge fund left work and hit a bar in the hopes that he would pull and take home a fantasy woman.

London Stars
He struck a cigarette and looked at her through the smoke. She was standing over at the window when she heard him strike the match. She had been marvelling at the fact that she had never seen a star in all the time she had been in London.

Ginger London Escorts
It was the end of December when I first met "My" London Escort, I had booked her through Ginger London Escorts. She was a young, cute redhead, she was an utter boffin, but was great fun and most importantly mind blowing sex.

Heathrow Escorts
I met Mr Chambers at Heathrow on Friday, around 7am. I felt a bit tired, as I had just sat in 2 hours of traffic on the way to meet him, but seeing him neatly turned out with nice shoes on soon perked me up.
The summer had arrived and I began to feel desperate for some kind of escape - living in London there were so many options but I decided I wanted to be a London escort.

Brunette Escort
Working as a pilot had many perks, but also had disadvantages. I found myself working all the hours god sent and having very little time to socialise, leaving me a single man in my late thirties.

Cheap London Escorts
London Escort Agencies can be very competitive so I was not put perturbed by a London Escort Agency that advertised cheap escorts. Business can be tough at times and like any other industry,

Blonde Escort
Having lengthy, straight blonde hair would often paint the impression to many that I had a lack of intelligence, this was far from the truth. I used my blonde hair as a weapon to allure men, especially when I started to work for Blonde Escorts in London.

Not having used an escort agency before, I admit I was a little nervous as I waited in the lobby of my London hotel for the woman who my stockbroker friend assured me was going to give me the time of my life.

Escort Girl
t was too late to call any of my mates for a beer, and I was not prepared to go to the bar on my own. Luckily I had kept the number of this London Escorts service that a friend of mine highly recommended and semi-forced me to store in my Blackberry.

Nina And I
It had always been my dream to come to work and live in London. It occurred to me that it was the best time to leave home in East Europe to come to explore this big city when I turned 18 two years ago.

My Russian Man
Walking down the street of London, with the sun shining on my face, I was feeling unbelievable happy that I was almost skipping. It was a beautiful April afternoon, and my man was taking me shopping in the expensive district in London.

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