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London Escorts > London Guide > Mayfair

Mayfair comprises its name from an annual fair that was held at the site, which was once farmland before the stunning buildings and shops were built. The open fields were perfect for the fair, originally started for sale of live stock. This fair soon expanded to include booths dedicated to mirth and merriment.

The frivolities attracted many to travel across London and revel in the activities that lasted for a fortnight from the 1st of May. The noisy gathering was not at all popular with the nearby royals and the authorities. The annual fair eventually ended when a riot broke out in 1709.

The May Fair had a later revival following the death of Queen Anne but by that time many of the spaces had been occupied. The end of the May Fair was eventually brought around by the development and gentrification of the area. The fair itself had died out but the streets that had sprung up on those fields retained its name.

Most of the Mayfair area was developed between the 16th and 17th century as a fashionable residential district. These days, Mayfair s mainly commercial although there still remains a substantial quantity of residential property, along with some exclusive shopping areas and London's largest concentration of luxury hotels. These things combined mean Mayfair presents itself as a wonderful place for London's most beautiful and talented escorts to shop by day for expensive lingerie and provocative luxury brand heels.

As night falls, Mayfair comes alive with bars, clubs and hotels offering fun until the early hours with beautiful women falling at the feet of discerning gentlemen.

Mayfair is truly a microcosm - all life is here from all over the world. It remains a peaceful haven in the centre of the great city of London with exquisite squares and parks for admirable london escorts, relaxing and tanning in hot summer sun.

There are so many attractions to this fashionable district, not to mention it being an area renowned for having the most expensive property making it infamous on the British monopoly board. Making such an affluent name for itself through lavish properties, exclusive boutiques and designer flagship stores, it is a big attraction for the very wealthy.

This area includes the world famous major center of British bespoke tailoring where escorts accompany gentleman on shopping trips to Savile Row and Bond Street, renowned for fine jewelery, antiques and plush clothing.

At one time Bond Street was best known for top end art dealers and antique shops, many of which still remain, like Sothebys auction house which has been situated on Bond Street for over a hundred years now, since its foundation in 1876.

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